Colleen is our office manager for the bonding company & wears many hats in that position. She has over 29 years in the bonding business & a wealth of knowledge, business contacts, & responsibilities to go along with it. She knows everyone there is to know & everyone knows her. She always welcomes you with a smiling face or smiling voice & makes a very hard job look easy. If you have any questions regarding the bonding business she can answer them & if not she can tell you who can.



Butch is the owner of Mountain Man Bail Bonding and as such plays a very pivotal role in the company's success. He is a very "HANDS ON" owner & never takes a whole day off. In addition to being the owner of the bonding company, he also owns Mountain Man Supplies & Pawn, Instant Money Pawn, & several rental properties around town. He is a very SAVVY business man & the word "failure" is not in his vocabulary. He eats, lives & breathes success. From very humble beginnings, he has worked hard, worked smart & with a very common sense business approach he has taken a one owner/employee business into the 21st century entrepreneurial "dream". With multiple businesses and a bunch of happy co-workers there is never a dull moment in his life & we are all thankful that he is in ours.  



Clint has the tedious and sometimes difficult job of trying to make every thing all come together to insure that Mountain Man Bail Bonding continues to stay successful. He is very passionate about his work & really loves what he does. He will do whatever it takes & whatever is needed to help & benefit the company.







Lisa has been with Mountain Man Bail Bonding for over 11 years & knows everything there is to know about getting a loved one or a friend or both out of jail while putting a smile on everyone's face at the same time. She will turn an unfortunate situation into a pleasant experience.



In addition to being the Manager at Instant Money Pawn, Tyler is also a licensed bail bondsman at Mountain Man Bonding.