01) PROFESSIONAL BAIL BONDSMAN: Is an individual licensed as a professional bail bondsman by the Professional Bail Bond Company and the Arkansas Professional Bail Bonding Board.

02) PROFESSIONAL BAIL BOND COMPANY: Is an individual holding a Professional Bail Bond Company License issued by the Arkansas Professional Bail Bondsman Licensing Board. 

03) SET BAIL: The procedure of setting the dollar amount of bail by a competent court or magistrate based on the charge(s).

04) PREMIUM: 10% of the bail amount set by the court or magistrate that is the Professional Bail Bond Company's fee for it's services.

05) SURETY: The person(s) guaranteeing the appearance of the defendant in court.

06) CO-SIGNER(S): Individual(s) who sign the legal documents required to get the defendant released from jail custody and are ultimately LIABLE for moneys & court appearances associated with the defendant's bond should the defendant not fulfill his/her legal obligations to the courts & bonding company.

07) DEFENDANT: Is the "ACCUSED" individual in jail wishing to be released.

08) PLUS FEES: Are the dollar amounts required by the State Of Arkansas to be collected on each bond written ($80.00).The fees are as follows: Public Defender Fee $20, Admin Fee $20, State Fee $20 & County or City Bond Fee $20. These fees are in addition to the Bonding Fees that are determined by what dollar amount that the bail is set at.

09) EXPENSES: The dollar amounts incurred by the bonding company (For Locating, Apprehending & Returning the Defendant into Jail Custody) in the event that the defendant Fails To Appear for court & the bond is ordered forfeited.

10) FAILURE TO APPEAR (F.T.A.): Exactly what it sounds like. The accused (Defendant) fails to show up for any scheduled court appearances while out on bond.

11) SURRENDER: The process that a bondsman must go through of returning the defendant back into the custody of the jail in the event that the defendant does not fulfill his/her obligations to the court & bonding company (If the bondsman has reason to believe that the defendant has breached the legally binding bonding contract) prior to the court ordered forfeiture of their bond. The defendant can also surrender himself prior to the court ordered forfeiture of the bond.

12) FORFEITED: The act of re-instating the FULL DOLLAR amount of the original bond that the defendant & the co-signer(s) are legally liable & responsible to pay the bonding company agent should the agent have to pay the forfeiture amount.

13) EXONERATED: The term used once all legal bond & court issues have been resolved & the case is closed then it is considered exonerated.

14)BOARD: This is the Professional Bail Bond Company & the Professional Bail Bond Licensing Board.